Paul says that he has always had two overriding passions in his life, ''the first is rugby and the second malt whisky. I also like to paint a bit - landscapes mainly.''

His work is a reflection of his interest in the complex and emotional interchange of colours. He attempts to convey the vibrancy and radiance of a landscape and the depth of its emotional impact.

Paul often uses the medium of pastel as it is particularly suited to his way of working, using colour juxtapositions to create energy and dynamism, rhythm and balance. Frequently keeping the formal content simple, he creates a uniformity of atmosphere and feeling through his use of colours.

After starting work on site, usually in monochrome, Paul likes to explore the colour structure back in the studio. He has personally run two galleries promoting his work, but now sells through exhibitions and other outlets. His work is represented in private collections all over the world.